Monday, October 10, 2011

Top five powerpoint presentation annoyances

Responses from over 600 presentation recipients highlights the top five things that people find most annoying when watching presentations. 

They are:
The speaker read the slides to us – 73.8%
Full sentences instead of bullet points – 51.6%
The text was so small I couldn’t read it – 48.1%
Slides hard to see because of color choice – 34.0%
Overly complex diagrams or charts – 26.0%

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making speeches memorable – some tips!

In an article, "Why concrete language communicates truth," the author states that when you speak and write using unambiguous language, people will believe you.

Choosing words that reinforce the concrete nature of your statement make it more credible . Here are some examples:

1. Be specific with nouns.. Instead of "cars," say "Thunderbird" and instead of "breakfast," say "steak and eggs." Use more action verbs. Use fewer adjectives and adverbs, and stick to concrete nouns and verbs. You won't sound as if you're exaggerating and your credibility will shine through.

2. Avoid ambiguity. Read your lines aloud to a friend this will help you will hear the words that may confuse confusion for your audience. Aim to use simple, universal terms.

3. Use concrete verbs: Use solid, concrete and unambiguous verbs for example verbs like 'count' and 'write'. Avoid verbs that are less clear such as 'help' and 'insult' as they are open to interpretation.

3. Paint a picture. Describe an event of picture that your audience can imagine in their head. That kind of specific, easy-to-understand description does more than any slide to make your talk memorable—and credible.

Steve Jobs died at age 56

The man who started Apple computer in a garage died just two months after resigning as CEO.

Not surprisingly, #RIPSteveJobs became an immediate trending topic on Twitter.
Many tweeted quotes from Jobs, such as “Stay hungry. Stay foolish" and "Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life." Both are taken from Jobs’ 2005 commencement address at Stanford.

For those who haven't heard Jobs' Stanford address you can check it out on:!

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