Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm delighted to be speaking in London later this month at an event entitled 'Engaging Change' a half day seminar being run by IABC UK. Information on the event is outlined below. Looking forward to meeting everyone in London.

IABC UK Seminar 
Change can mean an exciting transformation for some – for others, it’s a revolution after which their lives are never the same. This is especially true in the workplace where employees are increasingly concerned, worried and disengaged. The very term ‘change’ is becoming redundant – in today’s world, change is a constant.

As many studies reveal, employee engagement is falling while it continues to rise on the agendas of senior management. Will they be disappointed and frustrated when efforts to increase that engagement seem to fail? Is the world such a different place that engagement needs to be rethought? Can employees still be motivated and committed to business success and go the proverbial “extra mile?”

These are some of the issues we’ll be debating at our half-day workshop Engaging Change so join the conversation and determine your own answers to these questions.

To stimulate your thinking, we will be hearing from three speakers with a particular interest and experience of engagement:

CIPD’s regular Employee Outlook survey reveals levels of employee engagement are staying around the same level. Jonny Gifford, research adviser at the CIPD, takes us through these findings and also considers broader research insights on the current state of employee engagement. Jonny adds, “Despite all the attention given to employee engagement, it has not risen – in our last survey, 37% of employees were generally engaged. To understand why, we need to dig deeper into the different components of employee engagement and look at key factors that are changing.”

This will also be an opportunity to compare your own employee survey results with the CIPD’s findings.

An expert in engagement and change communications, Stephen Windsor-Lewis shares his experience with leading large inter/national communication functions and change programmes for organisations like Lloyds Banking Group, GSK Pharmaceuticals, Royal Mail, Anglo American and BAE Systems. He will be sharing that experience and says; “Excellent case studies exist – but I’ve also heard of some spectacular failures – I think that you can learn even more from mistakes as successes.”

Three easy steps on how to change behaviours, attitudes and outcomes will be outlined by Dr Laoise O’Murcha in a preview of her IABC World conference presentation in June. An experienced communication professional who has worked both in house and agency, Laoise will show that, when times are tough, managers must help staff stay engaged, focused and motivated. She says: "four years of research spanning the demise of the Irish ‘Celtic tiger’ economy, reveals that organisations are ill-prepared for these challenges."

Mike Pounsford who is Head of Development of the IABC UK Chapter will facilitate the session. Mike has 25+ years’ experience in employee communication and change. Mike says: “We are trying to make the IABC sessions more interactive and conversational so that as well as getting input from people with experience, we all get to share our own knowledge, ideas and best practice. Our aim is for everyone to leave with not only insights and ideas about how to increase engagement in their own organisation but also two or three key action points.”

Tickets for the event can be booked on

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